Dead Press Society

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Dead Press Society was held by Project Multatuli in order to celebrate World Press Freedom Day.

Sigit got the inspiration from a newspaper & magazine seller in Amsterdam which makes the merchandise booth a display and also as a storage when the stall is closed. The selection of the design is intended to give the visitors a new experience in understanding the product and program from several media participating in this DPS.

In the centre of the exhibition hall there is an installation about the rape case in Luwu Timur. This installation is made out of Landa Teak wood In the form of a box cage, and surrounded by a plastic wrap which illustrates that no matter how much effort to cover up facts or news the it will not work completely, such as plastic that can not completely cover up the information that is on the inside In addition, there is also a photo exhibition in a semi outdoor room. Sigit designed this photo exhibition panel by adapting a newspaper booth in Japan, which Is shaped like an open book.

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