Joyland Festival Bali (2023)

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Joyland Bali 2023 is part of the Joyland music festival which is held twice every year in Jakarta, and Bali. The festival creates a different atmosphere by upholding a family and environmentally friendly aspects and becomes an event that brings together various communities in terms of music, comedy, film, workshops and marketplace.

With an area of ​​19,000 square meters, ThisPlay as the lead designer of Joyland inspired to make the Peninsula Island in Nusa Dua looks like Alice in Joyland (from: Alice in Wonderland), which seems as if visitors are brought into a different world with gigantic decorations. With consistency, we still use sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, both organic, recycled and the re-use of some materials that have previously been used.

The festival itself also avoids using single-use plastic as much as possible, such can be seen from the key visuals being used such as the mural paintings by Larum Ipsum of Studio Teras Belakang, water stations provided, and use of Bamboo and various types of organic materials.

Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua
     For Plainsong Live

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