Pertunjukan Berhati: Memomemoria

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Pertunjukan Berhati: Memomemoria is a collaboration involving many parties, and .this/PLAY is one of the collaborators in the performance held to celebrate Sal Priadi's first album titled "Berhati," written and directed by him.

In this performance, Sigit D. Pratama and .this/PLAY designed Studio 4 PFN into a stage for the performance, and the outdoor area was turned into Sarmal (a Night Market). Assisted by Eky Entertainment in building the stage, .this/PLAY fully decorated the Pertunjukan Berhati area with two different yet cohesive concepts.

The conceptual idea originating from Sal Priadi was translated into the design of the space and stage to become the Berhati performance. The concept of the Berhati performance is a mental space of a character named M, with memory distortions due to various life experiences told through Sal Priadi's songs, developed into a visual form of Sarmal or a small market with a cyberpunk/dystopian world concept that embodies the twinkling life at night. The performance stage was transformed into a stage within M's mind, with complex levels on the stage telling his story through the mediums of performing arts, visual media, and the songs of Sal Priadi.

Studio 4 PFN (Produksi Film Negara)
     For Sal Priadi & Kawan Kawan Media


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